Friday, August 11, 2017

Happy International Youth Day

Meet two volunteers with International Service in Bolgatanga from different parts of the world who are changing their society for the better. Although they come from very different backgrounds Kakoko and Maxi both applied to volunteer for International Service because they care about improving their local and global community. In honor of International Youth Day we’re celebrating young people like Kakoko and Maxi who are striving to make the world a better place.


"Wherever there is opportunity to help others...young people must take it"

Maxi comes from Bawku, a Town in the Upper East Region of Ghana. She studies Health Information Management at the College of Health, Kintampo. Maxi worked closely with the Ghana Health Service and, as part of her work, was involved with SPRING. SPRING/Ghana is an NGO that focuses on improving the nutrition of pregnant women and young children in 15 Ghanaian districts. As part of her work Maxi worked to reduce the number of children suffering from stunted growth in Bawku West District. She also helped families learn more about personal hygiene and the importance of sanitation.

In the future Maxi hopes to open a children’s home or orphanage where she can take in children who have no other means of receiving help. She believes that there are too many children around the world who are suffering needlessly, and that it is her responsibility to help those who have less than her.

Maxi thinks that, as a young person, she has a duty to help in her local community, and whenever there is an opportunity to help others on a community level or international level, young people must take it. She believes that, whether you are being paid or not, helping others will bring its own payout in the future, not just in the development of your skills, but also in the joy you can get from seeing your society improve.


“You have to have the motivation and the belief to help others, regardless of what people who oppose you will say.”

Kakoko was born in Congo but has lived in Manchester, UK for many years. He attends Nottingham University to study International Relations and Political Science. He is actively involved in his local community and believes strongly that the best way to improve lives and reduce inequality is through community cohesion and a political system that listens to the people.

Kakoko worked closely with the Red Cross to help people with mental and physical disabilities who have been marginalized. Through his work he provided them with financial and emotional support to make sure that they could feel like part of their community. The opportunity helped him to gain perspective on the struggles other people face and how even a little bit of help can have a big impact on someone’s life. Aside from this Kakoko has also worked with Refugee Action helping to welcome refugees in to the Manchester community. For almost 2 years Kakoko aided Refugee Action in supporting refugees who were struggling to set up their lives again in a different country.

He thinks that the most important thing for young people is to have the motivation and the belief to keep helping others, regardless of what people who oppose you will say. He believes that young people are the best equipped in society to create change when they have the energy, ambition and are made aware of the resources available to them.

Maxi and Kakoko are just two of millions of young people across the world who are dedicating their efforts to creating a better future for generations to come. Today we take the opportunity to appreciate how tirelessly they work every day for all of our benefits. 

By Cynthia

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