Friday, February 10, 2017

Oh Flip! Yet another week has passed!

                                             Oh Flip! Yet another week has passed!

This week has been an especially productive one.
By Monday our Social Media team completed our BICAF 2017 teaser video, which was comprised of footage taken by the team during our snap-happy first weeks, as well as footage of various community entries and messages from our vendors. 

As the Internet in the office continues to play hard to get and the office fan continues to blow a warm air at us the team have found their groove and are checking things off our ‘to do’ list.
Rhiannon can often be found busying herself, waiting for moments when Rob disappears into the office lavatory with his trusty toilet roll and loudly enquiring as to the health of his bowel movements.

Rob and Tom, or TomRob, as they have become to be known as (if one lacks the energy to ascertain which white male is present) sit and discuss fantasy football. The conversation usually goes ‘did you see the game?’ ‘Yeah amazing how the red guy passed the ball to the other red guy’ ‘then the blue guy stole it and the ball went in the net …WHAT AN AMAZING GAME!!!’ the conversation continues like this for a good hour before they rejoin the group to discuss actual real issues … like trump and his tiny hands.
There are of cause some more important issues to think about. For Georgia, her main concern is what she will have for dinner later. Likely it will be her favorite, goat stew or alternatively, a delicious bowl of goat stew.

Outside the office, certain members of our team have become accustomed to being addressed simply as ‘Salmia’ or what we are told translates to ‘white person’. We continue to entertain strangers and our host families with our terrible attempts at Fra-Fra. Other hobbies include overly complex versions of Uno, narrated by Saleem, usually accompanied by a bottle of Malt. We’re an eclectic bunch... Gideon for example wowed us with his knowledge of grime music, and then continues to play a variety of Taylor Swift and Little Mix during our office days.  Doreen and Patience can be found at Cinderella’s house eating Fufu, TZ, Banku, or Tubani. Patience spends her day in work either on her phone or thinking up new plans to annoy Ailsa:

Plan A: bring in avocado and don’t share it with her.
Plan B: Threaten to beat her (or give her a nock on the head, which is far more violent than it sounds)
Plan C: Make up any number of things to get Ailsa into trouble i.e. making her say rude words in Frafra.
I could go on but we would run out of letters.

Hang on what’s that you hear? Is that the soft mutterings of an ancient guru … No its just Saleem with his endless metaphors and riddles (that no one really understands).  To paraphrase ‘there is much to do, and much that we have not done, but is best not think on this, instead think what is yet to come’.  
(A twitter account containing more of his comments coming soon.)

On Thursday, the team made their first appearance on URA Radio in an hour-long slot to discuss the benefits of Fair Trade. As the team made the treacherous journey to the station (a five minute stroll from our office), it was not a team of high-energy, excited, or even happy individuals, however, Gideon, Georgia, Patience, Ailsa and Doreen over came their nervousness and delivered an informative, lively and confident performance, in which they discussed the benefits of fair trade and encouraged listeners to take steps to make their own organization fair trade, all the while Josie cheered on from the side, Rob took an unnecessary amount of photos and Rhiannon and Saleem half-listened and half-reveled in the air conditioning of the listening room.

We have managed to get a number of reports done and now have a relatively long to do list (which is somewhat ambitious and yet very achievable). For anyone planning to volunteer with ICS we feel obliged to warn you in advance, if you have excel skills DO NOT ADMIT THIS! Tom mistakenly did so in the first week and has become our resident excel master (while this may seem like a good title, after a few weeks on excel we could see the frustration as the veins bulge from his forehead).

Since our arrival here we have smugly (yet sympathetically) received stories of how the other teams had come down with malaria and various other ailments whilst we had remained the picture of health, (with the obvious exception of an unhealthy amount of perspiration). This week karma kicked in…the team came down with an assortment of illnesses. We won’t go into details, but there were some migraines, abdominal woes, and some of the girls had ‘fallen to the communists’, meaning that there were some absences and some rather whiney individuals to contend with as the week wore on.  In the past few days Rhiannon has continued to ask Rob if he needs any toilet roll, but now it’s with genuine concern.
Health issues aside, the team are getting on well. Keep up to date with our ‘movements’ (and if you’re interested how our project is getting on) by visiting our blog by-weekly.

But for now, see y’all on the flipside.

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