Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Photo Diary | January - March 2016

It is now week 11 of our 12 week placement, and our time as a team here in Bolgatanga is drawing to a close. We thought we would like to share with you some of our photographs from the project of both the craft groups, and ourselves, the volunteers! We hope this reflects some of the great work we've done and shows you just how wonderful it's been to live and volunteer here in Bolga.

In-Country Team Leader, Anna speaking to the Girls of Bolgatanga Girls' Secondary School to celebrate the International Women's Day
The women with disability craft group Madam Josephine (Left) and her colleague after the beads making training
Lovely neck beads sold at the Bolgatanga craft village
Leather bags ready for sale at the Bolgatanga craft village
UK Team leader, Tom dressed in a smock 

Colourful tops sewn by the people in the craft village

Straws ready to be used to make beautiful baskets
A basket weaver twisting the straws

A basket weaver dampening her straws to ease weaving
Basket weavers in Sumbrungu, Bolgatanga

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