Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Over the duration of our placement, our team has spoken of different topics relating to both Ghana and the UK, and a huge problem here in Ghana seems to be littering. Litter including plastic water sachets, food wrappers and plastic bottles are scattered in many areas here in Bolga, which can be damaging to humans, animals, our crops and our environment. So, we decided we would run our own campaign to spread awareness of the damage that litter can do to the environment.

We created a leaflet presenting the facts about litter highlighting that:
  • When litter decays in water it can put harmful bacteria into water systems.
  • The decomposition of certain litter could also lead to climate change due to the release of greenhouse gases such as Methane.
  • Litter also makes the land look ugly and unattractive, which can decrease the chance of investment.

It is important that people are aware of the fact that litter is an environmental crime, and with awareness we can begin to combat the problem. We handed out the leaflets around town after cleaning an area to show that litter shouldn’t be tolerated and can be prevented.

You can prevent littering by:
  • Ensuring all rubbish inside and around the home is put into a secure bin.
  • Leading by example - don't throw litter on to the ground and others will follow.
  • Don't accept a plastic bag in a shop if you don't need it.
  • Keep a small bag to put rubbish in until you find a bin.

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