Friday, October 16, 2015

All About BICAF

What Is All This BICAF That I Am Hearing About In Bolgatanga?

BICAF is the Bolgatanga International Craft and Arts Fair.  BICAF 2015 is a trade fair showcasing the products and talents of local people in the Upper East region of Ghana. This event is a trade fair which is coming to town on the 12th - 15th of November 2015 at the Bolgatanga Jubilee Park. 

But come and see it all for yourself, don’t wait to be told what happened.
The event will be an opportunity for local craft workers to display their products to a large audience, as well as a platform for selling and buying to take place at a good and fair price.

The BICAF is a great opportunity for many craft people in the Bolga community, and I’m sure it will really benefit members of the community and give them encouragement. I am hoping that BICAF will bring more tourism to Bolga, which will benefit many local businesses who are not directly interested in taking part in the fair itself.

The BICAF is a great opportunity for me personally as well. It has given me the chance to work on my skills as a translator. During my placement so far I have been responsible for translating the message of BICAF from English into the local language (Frafra) to many crafts people in the Bolgatanga community, which I would never have had the chance to do otherwise.

I am also looking forward to having the chance to display my talents of modeling and cultural dance at the BICAF as part of the Fashion Show and Cultural display being organized.

Isaac and I talking to the basket weavers about BICAF

This trade fair seeks to showcase the original crafts sector of the Upper East, providing artisans an opportunity to advertise and sell their work to both the local and international market while networking in the process. It will also help create and sustain the livelihood of the arts and crafts entrepreneurs such as basket weavers, smock weavers and leather workers.

Sample of arts weaves for the BICAF event

The event is expected to touch the lives and transform the livelihoods of people in Bolga and beyond and we truly believe this is something that you would want to be involved in.

Because of this BICAF event we took photos of the items and cloths that would be displayed during the four day fair. This gave me the opportunity to see just how beautiful African wear looks on me. I very much enjoyed the photo shoot and I can’t wait to see how nice and beautiful I will look with my Africa wear.

Photo shoot at Comme Ci Comme Ci about the BICAF.

During the photoshoot at Comme Ci Comme Ci (a local hotel within Bolgatanga) I had the opportunity to meet a Ghanaian celebrity (Kalsum Sinare) this was a complete surprise as I would never have expected her to be in Bolgatanga. She was happy and glad to meet us. This was a day I never dreamed of happening but it did happen and again, all because of BICAF.
Elizabeth with Kalsum Sinare

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