Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TradeAID Updates

Hey guys, as promised, we are going to keep you updated with the amazing work we have been up to here at TradeAID Bolgatanga. This is what our week has been like. Enjoy 

On the 14th July, 2015 we went to Rock Foundation S.H.S to raise awareness on fair trade in Bolgatanga. The headmaster welcomed all of us to his school. Rock Foundation School has twenty six (26) students, twenty were girls, and six were boys. Five (5) teachers were present including the headmaster, they were all males. Rock Foundation School has three classroom blocks, one is for their normal classes and the other two are dormitories. After raising awareness, the students sang their school anthem to good bye us which was amazing. They were very receptive to our message of FairTrade.

A Section of the Students from Rock Senior High School after the Sensitisation

After that guess what happened the next day! On the 15th July, 2015. We continued with awareness raising at the URA radio with our first-timer host/ MC; Mr Bukari Noah (immediate past Team Leader) who ‘smashed’ it. HAHA yeah!! SMASHED IT! Based on how well this radio session went especially with how we were able to put our FairTrade and BICAF messages across and it also being our first radio session, we kind of coined our own word; ‘SMASHED IT’ so to say HAHA.. We were nine (9) volunteers; four (4) UKVs and five (5) ICVs including our team leader who is Mr Prince. Before and after the radio session we had over 6000 people listening to what we said, and we had five(5)callers from the listeners, but the time was not enough for us to continue with all the calls. 


This is the interesting part of my blog guess what it is! We were to go to Gowrie S.H.S on the 16th July, 2015. But I was not able to go, guess why! One girl was running diarrhoea guess who this person was! I learnt that Gowrie S.H.S has a population of over 400 students and some few teachers present. The students were enthusiastic about FairTrade and asked a lot of questions.
Well, this was how amazing our week was here at TradeAID and unfortunately the end of my blog. Stay tuned for more from us. 

Joy speaking to Students of Gowrie SHS on FairTrade

Stay blessed, have a blessed day at work place and everywhere you find yourself. Thank U GOD richly bless You.

Your Blogger for today was Mary Abaakomi Aboliwen

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