Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Celebrating Little Achievements

So soon its 10 weeks already .How time flies. Ten weeks has been like10 days to us as we all have enjoyed the experiences and wish we could do more. However as Shakespeare once said’’ The world is a stage and all men and women players’’. Indeed we have played our part
Its been an exciting ten weeks of working as a team leader with my skilled, energetic and beautiful looking volunteers. We have had lots of experiences in everything from food, to education, to gender roles, to religion, to family and relationship dynamic. I personally have learnt a lot from my Uk  volunteers  since they happen to have a culture quite different from mine .And also in-country volunteers since we all coming from different parts of Ghana.

Host Home has been so exciting .Can’t forget of my little nice Abida who would always want to fidget with my phone till she goes to sleep. How cute. Living away from home in the same community, I thought was not a good idea .However I realised how different we can be even in the same community after moving to my host home.

This cohort has been so interesting but rather too short. At the beginning we planned all of our activities as a team with the help of our brilliant program manager and her assistant. Our very first activity was to do training for the illiterate basket weavers group at Nyariga and Sumburungu. This was well executed .A steering committee meeting was organised 4 times within this cohort though two were very successful.This revived the momentum in the members to stir the affairs towards BICAF 2015.

To raise awareness, two radio sessions were held and two schools sensitized on Fairtrade. It was such a good experience as the volunteers developed their public speaking skills World Fairtrade day was not left out as we celebrated it in grand style. Business skills day training was held yesterday with an excellent delivery on business management by Mr Wilfred from the quality Insurance Office. With these little achievements we have decided to join trade in launching their new craft centre at Sumburungu.

It wasn't easy but it is worth it as we announced Bolgatanga to the whole world as she attains the Fairtrade status. It was all celebration on Friday the 29th of May at sumburungu with all community members attending. After 10 weeks of relentless hard work we finally got to witness this great occasion. It was massively attended. A total of about 600 people of which include school children, the basket weavers, chiefs and elders of the town, cultural troop and many more. The community readily received the good news as my team and I happily, proudly and loudly made the declaration of a Fairtrade status. Yeah yeah yeah yeah! We are a Fairtrade town. How proud we are to be the second town after new Koforidua to gain this status in the whole of Africa. The best certainly always comes from the east as the saying goes.

Thanks to trade aid staff for the wonderful work they are doing in this region, to past and current volunteers and the whole community member thanks for such an attitude of selflessness in working to help the community. Last but no least International Service Staff. I feel privileged and honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you all.

 To you all I say ‘’ya tuma tuma’’.

Goodbye is the saddest word so goes the saying. We will be missing all of you but the memories of your selfless efforts will still be felt in the community. My experiences and skills gained through this programme are invaluable. Thanks to all.              

  By: Noah Bukari - Team Leader with swag ;)

Quote: Never underestimate your potential until after you have tried

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