Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nyaariga here we come

On the 28th of April, in week 5 the team visited Nyaariga to do record keeping training with the basket weavers group. We were warmly welcomed with dancing and singing. I wish you were there to see Lena, Harriet and Phil on the dancing floor 

 Naemah and I the only two in country volunteers gave out our dancing skills.

 I never knew our team leader Noah has many talents, until that day when he became our camera man. In Ghana popularly known as “photoo. Initially, I taught he was a professional photo, little did I know that was my team leader on the camera. How amazing he was?

 The training started with a prayer and Nelson ended the training by presenting pure water as a present to the old ladies who answered questions during the training. Who said you can’t write if you have never been to school? Come and see our ladies writing so beautifully on our flip-charts that day during the training.

 On Tuesday 29th April, the team visited basket weavers at Sumbrugu. We were happy to see them getting on well with the training they had previously. Almost 90% of the women understood how to use the record keeping template. Bravo! to the basket weavers at Sumbrugu, our work was not in vain. Friday 1st May is a national holiday, guess where the team would be visiting for a present.

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