Thursday, April 23, 2015

The beauty of Bolgatanga

“Ya zaare” (you are welcome in Frafra )
That is the sound of the Bolgatanga drum welcoming strangers and visitors alike to its wonderful land.

The beauty of Bolga lies not in its surroundings but in its people who are so receptive and hospitable to both indigenous people and visitors alike. You will find people nodding at you on the streets as you walk past or simply saying hello to you. This experience might sound strange for an in country volunteer like me as well as our UK counterparts, but this has been our experience in Bolga for the past two weeks.
The most amazing part has been our host families. We have been very fortunate to find ourselves a part of wonderful families who cook us very good meals and always try to make us comfortable. Thank you mum and dad, especially our mums for not making us miss home like we would have without your love and care. 

Yesterday was even more amazing as we were given a very warm and pleasant welcome by the baskets weavers of Nyaariga who welcomed as with traditional songs and dancing and to top it off  very unique and insightful Frafra names just to make us fully part of their community.
Come experience Bolga, to experience hospitality at its best.
                                                                      Written by Naemah Nkaariba (National volunteer)

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