Monday, April 13, 2015


Written by Phil Gibson.
Have you ever had a shower and then 10 minutes later been just as sweaty and hot as before? Nope?! You should come Bolgatanga in the upper east region of Ghana and experience it… it’s certainly a learning curve, that’s for sure.
International Service
Before I introduce the team, we wanted to thank International Service for the opportunity to come to Ghana, and to be involved in such great work within the local community. We’ve already learnt so much about the culture and the people here. You can find out more about International Service at their website: http://www.internationalservice.org.uk/

Anyway, my name is Phil Gibson, I’m part of the latest Cohort here in Ghana. We are working with TradeAid Integrated, specifically the INCOME project, to try and “bring trade to the poor” which is hopefully a term you will read a lot throughout these blogs and throughout our TradeAid website (http://tradeaidgh.org/).
The team is made up of 7 people. 3 UK volunteers, 3 Ghanian volunteers, and our wonderful Ghanian team leader.
Our Team Leader
Cohort 10’s team leader is Noah, I am not sure how old he is but he’s young and easy to get on with. He lives here in Bolgatanga, and so he is not only our team leader, but our tour guide too! He knows English fluently (it’s the official language here in Ghana), which is fabulous because I haven’t got a clue how to talk FraFra, Twi, or any other local language.

Our Volunteers
Harriet is the kindest and most sensible person you’ll ever meet - until you introduce her to a sachet of gin. She has completed her Masters Degree in International Relations and therefore brings a lot of knowledge to the project.
Naemah is from Tamale, which is the capital of the Northern Region, and so she is also getting used to being in Bolgatanga, which is a bit hotter! Naemah is clever, and I have learnt so much from her, she is also brilliant at talking and understanding English - which was one of my worries about meeting Ghanian volunteers.

Nelson is 25 years old, so he is the oldest volunteer in the group and he is from Cape Coast, the capital of Central Region. He spends all of his Ghana Cedi on phone credit, as he is constantly on the phone to people back home! :)
Before I introduce Lena, you need to know she was born in Germany, and has lived in Paris. She has a boyfriend called Bill. The reason I’m saying that first is because she loves to tell us all of this, and does so regularly. :) She is 18 years old, and is going to University in September!

We have yet to meet and get to know Priscilla, however I am sure she will introduce herself when she arrives.

Last but not least (I hope!) is myself. I’m Phil Gibson, I’m from the Wirral, in the United Kingdom and I am 18 years old. Nobody has ever heard of the Wirral, but it’s not too far from Liverpool. I’m taking some time out of the education system in England, however I have been to College, and hope to go to University when the time is right.

Pretty Picture of the Cohort

Okay - that’s the whole team here at TradeAid Integrated. I hope my post sufficiently introduces each member of the team, and I hope you enjoy the future blog posts from the rest of the team, and perhaps another from me? Naemah will be writing the 2nd blog post, so you can all look forward to that. :)

Thank you for reading,
Phil Gibson & the rest of Cohort 10.

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