Friday, February 13, 2015

Positive progress on project

Hey, it’s finally been another week; and we couldn’t wait to let you know how welcoming the craft women of Vea have been toward us. “So much joy in our hearts when we heard of your arrival” said the Vea women. This joy was expressed in their dancing and singing of joyful songs all over the craft centre upon our arrival. We took turns to dance, each being led by the craftswomen. Whenever a dancer stopped in front of you that indicated it was your turn to take to the stage. It was very exciting to see Samantha, Helen, Tess and Josh challenge the local folks to a dance competition.  Josh’s complexion however betrayed him, as it was difficult to differentiate between his dance and that of the local folks.

This was a perfect and wonderful day for us all since it was full of learning and experiencing the cultural dance of Vea. Local names were given to all the uk volunteers of which the name of the community ‘Avea’ was given to best ukv dancer, the name was awarded to Josh. The next time you meet our ukvs, you couldn’t mistake Avea for anyone.

Having had an interview with them, the women mentioned how grateful they were to be working with us and prayed for our continued partnership. They also indicated how much the e-selling platform, etsy.com had brought them numerous different orders for their community, Vea have been improving their livelihood because of this.

 Having had this warm welcome from the people of Vea, we passed by another craft village called Zaare where we were met with ‘Za-are’ which literally means welcome. In our discussions with them they requested for training on recordkeeping. They also pledge for our help in diverse ways to enable them to stay in production.

However, both Zaare and Vea women were happy to have heard that Trade AID has been working tirelessly on projects such as e-selling to increase orders for them and their finished baskets will be convoyed to Accra for shipment without taking any money from them.  The team promised to work close with them to ensure continuous productivity of baskets in the region.

Based on their request we have taken step to organise a training session for them.  In our discussion, it was clear that unique skills of the craftswomen in Vea could be traded with that of weavers in Zaare.  We will keep you informed as to the progress of this project.

Asuah (National volunteer)

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