Monday, February 16, 2015

Fair Trade on the rise

This week has been very busy but fun and rewarding. We set a target of sensitizing local people in Bolga as well as students in Senior High Schools on Fair Trade, Bolgatanga International Arts and Craft Fair (BICAF) and the benefits of Bolga becoming a fair trade town. We visited the Zuarungu Senior High School, Kongo Senior High School, Community Development Technical Vocational Training Institute, popularly known as the Women’s Training Centre and Radio Gurune.

Josh and Tess speaking at Zuarungu Senior High School
Our first stop was at Zuarungu Senior High School where we were warmly welcomed by the Head teacher , staff and about 500 students. Some of us had never done public speaking before so found it quite daunting, however no one’s nerves got the better of them and the presentation was successful. The seriousness with which they gathered, sang their school and national anthem and the discipline they exhibited during our presentation was quite impressive. Our team made presentations on fair trade, unfair trade and Bolga becoming a Fair Trade town. After the presentation, questions were asked, friends were made and we had our day starting quite early after having to meet their morning assembly at 6.30 am.

Women's training centre

At the Women’s training Centre, there was much ease and fewer nerves as we had to present before about 50 students. Their number made it more interesting as we had enough time to interact with all of them and answer their questions. They were very appreciative because the idea of BICAF and Bolga becoming a Fair Trade Town brings more opportunities to them due to their vocational education and the need to make crafts to make a living after school.

Felix taking questions at Kongo Senior High School

Then came our long bumpy journey to Kongo to meet students of Kongo Senior High School. They weren’t ready when we arrived but they exhibited their ability to organize themselves in a few minutes. Presentations were made on Fair Trade and BICAF and the students showed so much interest through their questioning and answers.

These three schools were presented with materials on the subjects for further reading and Certificates for being sensitized on Fair Trade:

The volunteers answering questions on
radio Gurune

Our next stop was at Radio Gurune to educate people in Bolga and its environs on Fair Trade. It was a great opportunity for us and we were fulfilled by the level of listenership we gained and how enthusiastic they were to ask more questions and also encourage us during the phone-in segment.

We can boldly say that Fair Trade is gradually becoming an accepted idea in Bolga and we are proud to be part of the foundation layers. Having the opportunity to speak on these platforms were great experiences for all of us and we look forward to our next session on Tanga Radio.

Joel (National Volunteer)

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