Thursday, November 20, 2014


Since we’re coming towards the end of this momentous couple of months in Ghana I have felt it important to express a feeling or two. Perhaps expose is a better word for what I’m about to do.

Although typically words are a merely adequate measure to define experiences, I am naming this experience "confused euphoria". Let me explain; the emotional struggle and small glimpses of hope have led me to understand this journey as one of both excruciating pain and surprise ecstasy. There is the inevitable ambition to create a change which while being here has become so desperate that it has almost imposed on my thoughts and emotions. A small change made now either feels like a touch of euphoria or possibly the complete opposite.

We are inclined, or better obliged, to understand the slow pace that runs here and how slow development actually is. This week there may have been actual visible, dare I say tangible, progress made with the new products that have been added to Etsy (online sales platform used by Trade Aid). This means that there is now potential for both the craftswomen with disabilities and the leather workers to make a profit from the online market. A slight internal celebration was made when an order was placed for one of the new leather products within 3 days of it being posted online, a moment of pride was then felt when I was able to handover the payment for the order fulfilling a promise made to the leather worker.

So, a touch of success...? Stronger relationships with the leather workers have been established, giving room for more profitable opportunities in the world of fair trade and international business.
It’s important for me to mention that I have often felt the lack of understanding for potential among the craftspeople here in Bolga. I believe that the capacity for expansion with product diversification is endless and needs to be explored further with the self-belief that perhaps could be instilled into the various craft groups in time. With a stronger process flow and more efficient time keeping new online platforms such as eBay could be the strong future of the INCOME project.


Munaza Tasneem (UK volunteer)

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  1. Hello Guys,
    Thanks for the engaging posts. Etsy sounds like a brilliant idea. It is nice to read from here in the UK. Almost makes me feel as if I am there.