Friday, November 14, 2014

Come fair with me…

We arrived at Fountain Gate International School and were greeted by excited children and staff. It was pleasant being in the mist of such a friendly environment. The school was a large singular building that looked fresh, clean and bright. The UK volunteers were surprised to see children sweeping the floor (but it is part of our Ghanaian school rules, put in place to discipline us on cleanliness).

The second day we entered Bolgatanga Technical School- it was a massive boarding school with various small buildings, some of which looked incomplete. The children were equally as friendly from afar but they did not converse with us as much. They were not as fascinated by the UK volunteers as the first school children were, nonetheless they were eager to hear about our work at TradeAID.

Bolgatanga Technical School

At both schools we performed a role play that had two scenarios, one showing an unfair situation within trade and the other showing a fair situation within trade. Along with the play we explained Fair Trade in details that were simplified for the pupils. During the question and answer time at the end it was uplifting to hear a lot of intrigued voices from the crowd. The pupils along with the teachers wanted to know more and had taken in the information given to them. They also explained their concerns to us, giving us a wider understanding of the public’s opinion of trade.

The Facts

The TradeAID Integrated INCOME Project is working towards making Bolgatanga a Fair Trade town. Fair trade is an organized social movement which aims to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to attain value for their products. Fair Trade has now become a massive movement growing and spreading fast around the world particularly in the West. Thus, the INCOME project is raising awareness and promoting the benefits of fair trade within Bolgatanga.

As volunteers our aim is to educate the public on this social movement and get them involved and aware of what exactly Fair Trade is and how it will benefit their town.  As a result, on Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th of November we visited two different schools and delivered a role play. It was interesting seeing the differences between the two schools as one was private and the other was a public school.

Fountain Gate International School

Charity Adizor (National volunteer)

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