Friday, October 10, 2014

Welcome to the 8th cohort of the INCOME Project at TradeAID!

So here we are at the end of week one…

…We had an interesting two weeks so far, meeting new people, going through our training week and generally just getting a better understanding of what ICS Ghana is all about. Moreover we got introduced to Mr Nicholas and Mr Conrad who gave us more information about our PROJECT!

This week (our first week in Bolga) we have been doing project planning, looking closely at the last cohort's report and figuring out how we will be continuing on from their progress. On the first day we focused on finalising the project plan and coming up with realistic targets. However, it wouldn't be realistic to come up with a plan without speaking to the Craft Groups who we will be working with. Thus, during the rest of the week…

  1. We visited the craft groups…starting off with an introduction then getting into how they feel we can help, also finding out what was successful from the previous cohorts' work
  2. Then we returned to the office to finalise the plan after the feedback we received
  3. Had one to ones with our team leader (Samantha) - this is where we figured out and discussed our individual strengths and weaknesses
  4. We each got assigned roles that we will be focusing on (this does not mean we do not work as a group by assisting one another in our given roles)
  5. We decided to put together a calendar that had key dates and deadlines, now we can't wait to get stuck in next week!

The collage below shows a little taste of our first week in Bolgatanga…

Kamaria Mohamed (UK volunteer)

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