Friday, October 31, 2014

The dangers of miscommunication!

This week we held a meeting with one of the local craft groups here in Bolgatanga which caused us to reflect on the dangers of miscommunication and the damage that can be caused to working relationships where misunderstandings occur through the fault of neither party.

We were aware from the briefings of the previous cohorts that animosity existed between the smock weavers association and TradeAID. As the smock weavers are a large and important local craft group we went to meet with them to discover the source of their grievances. This was important as the issues had led to mistrust and to the stoppage of activity between the two parties.

In the course of the meeting various concerns were raised by the smock makers with regards to donations they felt they had been promised when TradeAID does not operate in that way and no such promises had been made. It became clear during the course of the meeting that this was the result of simple miscommunication between the parties.

In an attempt to respond to their concerns we apologized for what had happened previously. They had unintentionally received the impression that TradeAID would provide assistance in ways that it does not, and they were aggrieved when they perceived that we had not fulfilled our promises.

We asked them to forget about the past misunderstandings and to work with the new team in order to improve their businesses and their living standard. We explained why TradeAID could not offer them financial aid or donations of computers, illustrating this with the wise saying that “It is better to teach you how to fish than rather giving you fish”

We hope that we have now settled past misunderstandings and all parties are clear. We also hope we can begin to forge a productive working relationship with the group going forward.

Michael Aning and Badiana Saddique (National volunteers)

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  1. Certainly highlights the importance of communication! Great work guys :)