Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fair Trade in Bolgatanga made known to the world

TradeAID Integrated is an NGO with World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) certification, and the INCOME Project has been pushing the Fair Trade Awareness agenda for TradeAID.  This has included raising awareness of fair trade in the local community of Bolgatanga and the Upper East Region through presentations with craft groups, radio discussions, and announcements at local churches.  The INCOME Project (on behalf of TradeAID) has also been facilitating the Steering Committee for Fair Trade Town Status, to work towards Bolgatanga becoming a Fair Trade Town.

Fair Trade promotion is a key element of TradeAID's work in Bolgatanga, and we also wanted to spread the word to the world via social media. This video created by the team aims to promote the region, its craft workers and above all the importance of fair trade practices.

During the change over between cohorts leaving and arriving, check out our video on why you should support Fair Trade...

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