Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Awe-inspiring Kintampo Waterfalls

Last weekend the Bolga team and the other ICS volunteers in Tamale and Sandema all went to the waterfalls in Kintampo, which is about a four hour journey by tro from Tamale. The waterfalls have 3 'stages', with the third and largest stage pictured below. We spent a few hours there and really enjoyed cooling off from the Ghanaian heat with a swim. There were lots of children there on a school trip; certainly a lot more fun than a lot of the school trips I remember going on!   The waterfalls were extremely beautiful and despite the long journey time there and back it was well worth it for such a lovely day out. 

Kintampo Waterfalls
 Back at work on Monday, Therri, Conrad, Kezia and I went on a visit to Ngbare Community, which is home to 8 Shea groups, with 30 members in each group. TradeAID has been working with the community for six years, and provides training on a variety of different topics including quality control, packaging and Shea butter processing. We went to meet some of the men and women who pick Shea nuts to interview them for the website that we are creating. As we work on the INCOME Project, and the Shea workers are from the Shea to Market Project, we all found it a particularly interesting visit. It was very inspiring to hear about other aspects of TradeAID's work and how the NGO has helped such a wide range of people in Bolgatanga. 

Mathilda, Pastor and Therri at Ngbare Community

By Mathilda

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