Friday, October 4, 2013


Zaare! Welcome!

We are the new International Service (IS) volunteers working at TradeAID. To begin with I will give a brief overview of TradeAID and what we as volunteers are aiming to do over the next three months here in Bolgatanga (Bolga).

TradeAID’s vision is to help the productive poor to create and manage viable ventures for sustainable poverty reduction. It works in many areas, but the one we are working in is within the craft sector. The last group worked very hard in preparing a fundraising proposal document which outlines all the areas in which TradeAID needs funding in order to improve the working conditions and profit margins of the smock makers, basket weavers, leather workers and disabled craftswomen. As the last cohort said...

‘Now it’s just up to the next team to try and come up with the monies to finance all this!'

We will do this by contacting various organisations (e.g. NGOs, arts and crafts organisations, entrepreneurs, charitable trusts) with the intention of receiving funding or donations of goods.
Now you know what we are doing! So let’s find out who is doing it!

From left to right:  Lamley, Kezia, Cara, Conrad, Therri, Kay

Cara on Kezia

I get the pleasure of introducing Kezia! Kez is a 23 year old lady from Salisbury who has amazing taste in skirts. She loves to eat leftovers for breakfast, doesn’t feel the burn from any spicy food, and can speak and read Chinese! She likes to experience new cultures after spending 2 years in China. After one week of knowing her I have quickly understood how intelligent she is, and how lovely her heart warming manner is. She is a really motivated and passionate individual; I look forward to learning about the Kardashians from you!

Therri on Conrad

Duti Conrad Biilarh, aka the international man of mystery, is a 26 year old male born and raised in Bolgatanga. In his spare time he likes to watch football and supports the (revolting) Manchester United. Conrad can cook up a storm in the kitchen, so I am sure he can look forward to being bullied into giving away his secret ‘Red-Red’ recipe by the rest of the group. Personally, I can’t wait to work with Conrad for another 3 months – he is a conscientious young man who is passionate about improving the livelihoods of those within the craft sector.

Kezia on Lamley

Lamley is a 22 year old lovely lady who graduated this year from London Metropolitan University with a degree in Sociology. Lamley is the only member of the new UK cohort who has been to Ghana before and she has been inspiring us to try all sorts of delicious Ghanaian dishes, including banku and meat kebabs. She has an infectious giggle, our guard dog turns to putty as soon as she cuddles him and her card playing exploits will go down in legend! She is a down to earth and happy person and I am looking forward to getting to know her better.

Kay on Therri

Therri is a 24 year-old Londoner who has been the team leader of the TradeAID INCOME project since July 2013, making us her second cohort of ICS volunteers. Last week, we celebrated Therri’s birthday at a ‘spot’ (Ghanaian term for bar) in Tamale, where she experienced a ‘ponding’ - a local tradition where the birthday girl/boy gets drenched in water. She took it very well which was testament to her good sense of humour and resilience. Therri has done a great job so far introducing us to life in Bolgatanga.

Lamley on Cara

Cara is 22 years of age and lives all over the UK! She loves to travel and keeps us all entertained with her delightful hitchhiking stories. Cara is a down to earth and positive individual who enjoys living life to the full. She is an early bird and is regularly up at the crack of dawn jogging around the fields of Bolga. Cara is a joy to work with and I'm very much looking forward to working with her in the coming months! 

Conrad on Kay

Kay is a vibrant young lady who graduated from Sheffield University with a degree in Politics. She is 21 years of age. She likes Red-Red, a popular Ghanaian dish. She is calm and focused. I look forward to working with her and the rest of the team for the next 3 months.

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Te pohoya! Thanks!

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