Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ya Bulika! (Good morning all!)


On Saturday, we got up early to embark on a hike from our house in Bolgatanga to the small village of Tongo. Three very sweaty hours later, we arrived and were greeted with Tongo’s incredible scenery. I hadn’t been anywhere quite like it before – the scenery featured huge Baobub trees and giant boulders.  
We walked a little further to the visitor’s centre to begin our tour of Tongo. Our tour guide Ebineezer showed us around the village’s attractions, beginning with the former site of Tongo’s village school. 
Following this, we paid a visit to the Chief, who lives in a huge compound with 350 of his relatives, including his eighteen wives and 150 children!

Chief's House

After this, I was anticipating a visit to a donkey sanctuary - sadly I had misheard. The actual attraction was a donkey shrine featuring a lot of skulls belonging to sacrificial donkeys.  Our tour of Tongo culminated in a trip to the Tenzug shrine. Visiting the shrine involves climbing over numerous boulders and disrobing from the waist up – a rule surely dreamt up by a man! The feeling of climbing a mountain without a top on was surreal to say the least, but more than worth it for the panoramic views at the summit. Before heading back to Bolga we stopped off at Tongo Oasis, a restaurant that serves delicious Mexican style dishes and chocolate brownies and banana bread - a real treat. 

L-R: Therri, Kezia, Cara, Kay

Work-wise, we are beginning to send inquiries to relevant companies, trusts and foundations about funding, as well as consolidating our research on the activities necessary to attain Fairtrade Town status for Bolgatanga. October seems to have gone by at breakneck speed – we can hardly believe that we’ve been in Ghana for over four weeks already.

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