Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 2

Wontenya! (Afternoon!)

This week has been a very productive week! We are currently on track with finding organisations from which we may be eligible to receive funding from for our INCOME project. We've found several different organisations for which we fit in to their criteria, so within the next week or so we will be contacting them to apply for funding. On that front it's looking very positive!

On Monday we visited the disabled craft women to have a run through of the record keeping procedure with them. There are five members of the disabled craft women group, Josephine, Christine, Felicia, Esther and Gladys. They are upbeat, positive and welcoming women and are very enthusiastic about the work the IS volunteers and TradeAID are doing. Here's a quick run through of what exactly the record keeping entails. The record keeping books are divided in to three different sections. The first section shows the productions made, the second section shows what items were sold and the last section shows the items which were bought such as material and thread. The record keeping helps the craft workers keep track of their profits as well as their losses.

On Wednesday afternoon, we made an appearance on Bolgatanga’s URA radio during their ‘Trade in Focus’ programme. We told the listeners exactly what our plans are for the INCOME project over the next three months. We thoroughly enjoyed our hour of airtime!

L-R: Kay, Kezia, Lamley and Cara at URA Radio

Even though the internet has been down for the past week our morale is still high and at present we are currently reading through the internal proposal trying to find other aspects of the projects we can do without internet access. We are finding the work challenging yet rewarding and we are very much looking forward to what we as a team will achieve in the next few weeks.


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