Monday, September 2, 2013

Talking Trade

Throughout our blog posts we have mainly discussed the INCOME project, the project that we, the International Service volunteers are carrying out on TradeAID’s behalf. However, the INCOME project is just one of the many programmes that TradeAID is currently running, so we thought we would use this blog to let you know more about TradeAID and all the other amazing programmes they run.

TradeAID was established in 2003 by Nicholas Aporekah with the mission of ‘making trade work for the poor.’ Since then it has set up numerous successful schemes all with the notion of empowering people through education, business strategies and financial assistance so that they are able to develop their own small scale business enterprises. Below are some of the schemes which TradeAID currently runs: 

  • Quality Rice Control: This project works with over 850 Ghanaian farmers helping them improve the quality of the local rice to increase its market consumption
  • Delivery of Financial Services: TradeAID has set up two micro credit programmes in local communities to help people set up and extend existing businesses. We are modelling one of our projects around the Village Savings and Loan Association, which aims to promote small-scale saving.
  • Trade in Focus: an advocacy radio programme that airs once a week with the intention of educating traders and producers about current policy as well as creating a platform for them to discuss current issues. This was the radio show we starred on and to which we have been invited to return next week. Spoiler alert for next week’s blog! 
We feel very lucky to work with TradeAID who are such an inspirting NGO, enable so many different people in Bolgatanga to achieve their potential.

Another day in the office with an energised team

By Therri

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