Monday, August 26, 2013

Live on air!

Our Radio Experience 

Last week, the Bolga team visited the URA Radio Station - the Ghana equivalent of BBC York -  to inform the people of Bolga about the progress of the Integrated Community Empowerment Project (INCOME) which, for those who have forgotten, is the name of the IS project of which we are the third group of volunteers.

It was an interesting experience to be on live radio discussing our work and none of the team had been on radio before . After being put to ease in a run through, we were live on AIR! Bel introduced the project, Ola and Nasim explained its purpose and Hannah talked about the process of writing the proposal.  Daniel and Therri discussed the future implementation of the project within the craft sector of Bolgatanga.

Whilst live on air we had listeners ring in and ask us further questions. At this point we realised how many people our project was affecting and it provided us with quite a boost. If we can we will go back as we had a great time at the radio station but first we have to get on with the proposal.

Dan with Kimo, the radio host!

Update on our proposal 

We are now six weeks into this phase of the project so we think it’s about time to give you an update on our progress. The proposal is well under way and much has been achieved.
Before we could start writing the proposal we carried out needs and impacts assessments with each group of craft workers to find out what would help them the most,  We conducted votes in order to determine the importance of each need. By finding out the most pressing needs we created objectives and activities to try and meet them. 

We finished the objective section of our proposal in the previous week so now we have proceeded to the activities. The activities we have looked at to help the craft workers of Bolga consist, amongst other things, of establishing a craft fund, building craft centres, hosting craft fairs and purchasing transport to reduce the cost of transporting goods!

The activities have taken a lot of time to research and write up in a professional manner and some of the activities have unique challenges. For example the leather workers said they needed better materials to work with to increase their profit and with none of the team being a specialist in leather tanning, let alone knowing anything about it, we had to do a lot of research to understand the problem.

Eventually the completed proposal will be passed on to the next group who will use it to seek funding from various organisations in order to implement our suggestions to help the craft workers of Bolgatanga.

By Ola and Nasim

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