Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting started

We’ve had a brilliant first week with TradeAID, everyone is getting along well and we have loved learning more about our project with the craft workers of Bolgatanga. This year the project has been split into four phases. The two previous groups concentrated on research into the sector, in particular the supply chain. We will be focusing on writing a proposal detailing several projects that could be implemented over the next few years with the aim of improving the livelihoods of the craft workers.

We spent last week unpacking the research, conducting pilot interviews and gathering information to conduct needs and impact assessments. The highlight for us all was visiting the various craft groups we will be working with. Initially it was slightly daunting for us as we knew so little about them and their work, but after our first visit with the smock makers we felt a lot more comfortable. They were very welcoming and seemed happy to be working with us. They even asked Nasim to provide a closing prayer to our meeting, a challenge he rose to!

Nasim, the prayer provider
After visiting a group of highly motivated fabric weavers with some very practical ideas to on how we could help them, we met with some of the leather workers who showed us their beautifully finished work. Finally we saw one of the disabled craftswomen whose high spirits really topped off what had been a revealing experience for us all. 

Overall the visits really brought the project to life and we now feel very excited to get stuck in after having the opportunity to meet the craftsmen and women personally.


Therri, Nasim and Ola

Bel and Hannah

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