Wednesday, July 31, 2013

60th Anniversary of IS

This year is the 60th Anniversary of International Service (IS) and last week we celebrated this immense achievement in Bolgatanga. Jo Baker, the CEO of IS; the IS Ghana team and all the volunteers came down to Bolgatanga to share this wonderful day. The deputy regional minister, Dr Daniel Aweyue Syme, was the guest speaker for the function. What a beautiful feeling it is to know that a representative of the Ghanaian government appreciates the work of local NGOs, international charity organisations and  volunteers who are helping to reduce poverty in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

The craft workers who we work with were in attendance in their colourful attires. We were excited to greet everyone using the local language we had learnt from the national volunteers.

All the volunteers were asked to create a short video about the work which they have done so far to present on the day, here is ours:

As the IS motto states, 'empowering people to achieve lasting, positive change,' we hope to be able to empower the craft workers in Bolga to generate sustainable income in their different crafts.

By Ola

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